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Women’s sterling silver ring

Yearning women sparkle in the ninety’s , exploring carrying theera of futurism wave.Persistent and confusion , uncertainty of any time in the future, take this season will be thepast, the future, deconstruction, the details of the blend.


Our focus.


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Women's new simple earrings

is there something we can do, each of us to be able to face the future without fear ? the futureanthropologists will take a look at this wonderful new rellious ritual we have created u knowthe one called the “selfle” they’ lonclude what weworship inour timeisthe SELFthe ME thel


Women's new simple earrings

We try to define the courage and coldness of women, the control of themselves and the world as a racer. Through the sense of speed and future presented by metal, I look for the language that expresses the power of women.


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Which of you can embody both swans? -white and black? Both sides of the coin?All that discipline for what? I just want to be perfect.


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Ahead of the creator of science and technology, intelligent design instead of natural evolu-tion, the feeling of the arthropod organ in the distant future will be awakened, the new crea-ture is beyond the state of human existence


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